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But why me you ask?


Writing is my jam...

I have a passion for telling people's stories, so even if you met on Tinder and your first date was Maccas, I guarantee we can spin that to sound like the best love story since Twili... Well, y'know.

I love LOVE.

I won't have to fake my excitement or enthusiasm on your wedding day because I am genuinely thrilled to be involved. I love to get to know my couples so that by the time you start walking down the aisle, I'm right there fighting off tears with the rest of your guests, because I'm so darn happy to be part of your day!

This is more than a job for me, it's a passion.

I take care of all the hard stuff.

Paperwork, legal requirements, PA system... it's all sorted. You just turn up looking like a million bucks and get hitched! Leave the rest to me. I gotchu!

Savannah Prosser - Why Me_edited.png

About Savannah

I became a Marriage Celebrant after getting married in 2016. I hated hearing people saying that the ceremony was the "boring part" of a wedding. Hell no! Not if you pick the right person to tell your story!

I have absolutely loved every moment of being a marriage celebrant, and feel so privileged to do what I do. I love being a part of the happiest day of people's lives! What a freaking amazing job!! 

Savannah Prosser_Marriage Celebrant_I am a....jpg

I am a...

  • Lover of love, in all its beautiful shapes and forms.

  • Fan of anything nerdy, quirky, eccentric, tattooed, offbeat, weird or nontraditional! 

  • Horror movie enthusiast.

  • Pro-dog-patter and belly scratching expert. If you have a pup, why haven’t you sent me pics yet?!

  • Craft-loving nana in a Millennial's body. Give me my crochet and a cuppa and I'm a happy camper.​

When I'm not spending my time helping loved-up cuties have the best day ever, you can find me snuggling with my beautiful rescue-pup Opie, playing snack bitch to my two offspring Harvey and Millie, or Netflix and chillin' with my main man, Adam.

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